Kool Kim Makes Kids Day

It was a day full of tips about eyebrows, eyeliner and the importance of life both on and off the golf course when Christina Kim played a practice round with two of Golf NSW’s brightest prospects, Doey Choi and Stephanie Kyriacou.

Kim swapped stories on golf, eyebrows, and life with the two teenagers, who were clearly in awe of the US star.

Kim, likewise, was pretty impressed with the talent on display from her two younger playing partners.

“It’s pretty remarkable seeing how good these young girls are and the future of golf,”

“Knowing how much Golf NSW puts into these girls, not just swinging the club and playing the game, but understanding their bodies, and getting their nutrition right, I think its cool,

I wish I knew about it back in the Mesozoic era,” Kim laughed.

The Californian, who is in her 16th year on Tour, said it was important the girls learn to keep the game in perspective and to relish the challenges it will throw up as they develop as golfers.

The 33-year-old said the travails of Bubba Watson and how he had overcome the game’s challenges to win again over the weekend was an excellent example for youngsters to study.

“When you’re good, your always thinking about how to win. But you need to understand everyone will go through the other side of the coin, to struggle,

“You have to find a way to overcome these challenges and get it done on your own,

“We just witnessed Bubba over the last 18 months, and how much the game can change,

“The biggest thing I would like to get the girls to understand is to enjoy the ride. It’s not so much the destination, but you’ve got to enjoy the ride,” Kim said.

Although a little star-struck at first, Kyriacou and Choi were thrilled with the insights they received from the US star and the stories she shared with them about playing on Tour and life in general.

“She is a gem,

“She is really funny,

“It’s a good atmosphere to be around her, especially for young golfers like us,

“She makes the game seem very enjoyable,”  Choi said.

Kyriacou agreed and noted that Kim shared a piece of advice with her that had resonated with her, especially as she juggles her HSC studies and her golfing commitments.

“She said something on the third hole: Nothing in life comes easy, you have to work. You have to find that one key that helps you manage and balance your life, no matter what gets thrown at you,” Kyriacou smiled.

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